All about ABCD

What is the aim of ABCD?

Our Aim is to
- ensure, protect and uphold the human dignity of every person
- promote the basic human rights of all
- strengthen the bond among the communities and persons
-promote meaning in every area of life and upholding moral values.

What role does ABCD have as Regional Forum?

Promoting and enhancing the development perspective of the region
- Developing common vision thrust appropriate in the region
- Focusing on issues affecting the region and promoting regional level convergence of actions of these
- Networking of likeminded NGOs of the region and nation
- Identifying and pooling of regional resources.
Capacity Building of the member societies at different levels
Identify and pooling of regional resources, human and material
Need based training, workshops, meetings etc.
Consultancy and technical assistance
Promoting/Facilitating participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation in the Diocesan units
Promoting local resource mobilisation and actively involving in aid campaigns
Platform for stakeholders for cross-learning.
Documentation and Research
Maintaining a library and resource centre, database of useful information
Collecting and disseminating useful data and information
Preparing training modules, IEC materials (books, charts, CDs, etc.)
Publishing magazines, booklets and websites
Promotion and conducting studies and research in various fields.
Coordination and linkage
Coordinating programs/projects in the region and setting the development trend in the region
Representing the member societies of the Region to the Church (Regional Bishop’s Council), the Government and external agencies.
Linkage and coordination with Government
Collecting information on Government Programs for benifit of all
Linkage with National organisation and Supporting national program
Being a hub of convergence of Agencies.